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If you’re nearing your car’s lease-end inspection and don’t know what to do next, reach out to Bert Ogden Subaru. Here at our Subaru dealership near Mission, we understand that choosing how to navigate your vehicle’s end-of-lease terms and proceed through the available options can be complex. That's why we offer straightforward, stress-free Subaru lease return solutions that ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

Whether you want to upgrade, buy out your lease, return your vehicle or anything else, rest assured that Bert Ogden Makes It Easy!

What Are My Subaru Lease Return Options?

Return your lease and switch to a used car, upgrade to a new Subaru nearby or discover some of the additional options you have available when you return a leased vehicle at Bert Ogden Subaru. Here are a few of the choices you’ll have available after your lease agreement expires.

Buy My Lease Out

Are you in love with your Subaru Outback lease? No problem, we've got you covered. At our Edinburg Subaru dealership, we provide you with the ability to buy your lease out. This enables you to purchase your leased vehicle at the end of its term at a predetermined price. It's a great option if you've grown attached to your Forester or Ascent and want to keep it long-term.

Upgrade to a New Subaru Lease in Edinburg, TX

If you enjoy driving the latest models and want to stay up to date with the newest Subaru vehicles, then upgrading your lease might be the perfect decision for you. Transition seamlessly into a new Subaru Forester lease to enjoy the latest features and technologies that our vehicles have to offer.

We’ll even pair you with any Subaru lease specials near Mission that you’re eligible for to help you save on your next vehicle.

Return Your Leased Car & Opt for Something Else

At Bert Ogden Subaru, we make it convenient and straightforward to return your leased vehicle. Simply return your lease to us, and we'll happily guide you around our showroom so that you can find a new or used Subaru that suits your needs at our Southern Texas Subaru dealer.

Prefer a CPO Subaru SUV or used vehicle from another brand? This is a great opportunity if you're ready for something different, so book an inspection to get started.

Return the Vehicle and Walk Away

Because we want you to enjoy a no-pressure experience at Bert Ogden Subaru, rest assured that you canalways return your lease and walk away if you prefer. Whether you’re moving, no longer need a vehicle or anything else, know that walking away from a lease is a viable option.

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